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  • An Interview with TCBS Alum, Patrick Lacson

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    February 8, 2021

    How has TCBS prepared you for pastoral and church ministry?
    TCBS has provided a very balanced approach to pastoral ministry.  The professors are all pastors serving in local churches throughout the Northern-California region.  They provide a very practical approach to ministry while also providing intensive and rigorous training in the languages, theology, and pastoral ministry.

    In what ways did you benefit from the pastor-professor model of theological education?
    I loved the pastor-professor model because the men truly loved me as a student and as a brother in Christ.  These men discipled me and showed me the personal joys and challenges of being a pastor.  Some of my professors walked with me in challenging pastoral issues in my own local church and have remained close friends and mentors to this day.

    Why would you recommend TCBS to those preparing for pastoral ministry?
    I would highly encourage them to pursue training at TCBS.  The value of your theological education will only be as good as the quality of the men you learn from.  The men at TCBS are godly men who love Christ, the local church, and cherish His Word.

    What makes TCBS unique?
    TCBS is unique in its pastor-professor model.  Some who prepare for ministry desire a title or degree.  TCBS provides you a foundation and love for the local church that will fuel you for the rest of your life and ministry.  It is practical in that the professors are pastors who offer wise pastoral insight into the most challenging of situations.  It is theologically rich in that many of the professors have earned doctorates from esteemed seminaries.  But above all the seminary produces a Christ-centered, God-exalting, Spirit-depending man of God who will be challenged to love Christ, his family, and his local church.

    How are you currently using your TCBS education?
    I currently serve as an elder in my local church in the Northern Sacramento area.  I’m involved in preaching and shepherding in my church and offer pulpit supply for other churches as well.  I’m also involved in a Bible institute hosted by our local church where I have the opportunity to pass onto men and women what I have learned from TCBS.