The undergraduate program offers a B.A. in Biblical Studies. This course of study requires a total of 80 quarter units for completion: 53 core units and 27 elective units.

Core Courses: 53 Credits

  • Biblical Interpretation I (2)
  • The Centrality of Christ in Missions(3)
  • Biblical Interpretation II (2)
  • Personal Discipleship (3)
  • Research/Writing (2)
  • OT Survey I (3)
  • OT Survey II(3)
  • NT Survey (3)
  • Christ-Centered Teaching (2)
  • Theology I – Bibliology/Theology Proper (4)
  • Theology II – Christology/Ecclesiology (4)
  • Theology III – Anthropology, Hamartiology & Soteriology (4)
  • Theology IV – Pneumatology/Eschatology (4)
  • The Centrality of Christ in Biblical Counseling (4)
  • Elective I (3)
  • Elective II (3)
  • Elective III(3)

Elective Courses: 27 credits

Bible College Certificate Program

Our certificate program allows you to continue your theological education while earning certificates of completion in the areas of your choice.

Certificate in Biblical Counseling

  • PT 502 – Marriage and Family (3)
  • PT 601 – Biblical Counseling I (4)
  • PT 602 – Biblical Counseling II (3)

Certificate in Biblical Exposition

  • Elective in Biblical Exposition (3)
  • Elective in Biblical Exposition (3)
  • Elective in Biblical Exposition (3)

Certificate in Biblical Greek

  • BL 401 – Elementary Greek I (2)
  • BL 402 – Elementary Greek II (2)
  • BL 403 – Elementary Greek III (2)

Certificate in Biblical Survey

  • BT 502 – Old Testament Survey I (4)
  • BT 503 – Old Testament Survey II (4)
  • BT 504 – New Testament Survey (4)

Certificate in Church History

  • CH 601 – Church History I (3)
  • CH 602 – Church History II (3)
  • CH 603 – Church History III (3)

Certificate in Hermeneutics

  • BE 311 – Hermeneutics I (2)
  • BE 321 – Hermeneutics II (2)
  • BE 331 – Hermeneutics III (2)

Certificate in Theology

  • Elective in Theology (4)
  • Elective in Theology (4)
  • Elective in Theology (4)

Certificate in Preaching & Teaching
The “How to Teach the Bible” certificate is a one-year program designed to follow the “Biblical Interpretation” course of study. It is designed for students who have formal theological training, and do not meet the requirements to enter The Cornerstone Seminary M.Div. program, and who want to improve their teaching and preaching skills for ministry in the corporate gatherings of the church. As a strategic part of the curriculum, this course, in conjunction with the “Biblical Interpretation” course will be translated into Spanish to minister to the needs of students in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the basic skills needed to teach in a Christ-centered manner from the biblical text.
  • Students will understand and apply basic elements of instruction and public speaking to develop and deliver biblical messages.
  • Students will understand and apply the redemptive and Gospel-centered approach to various genres of the Bible as a part of their message preparation.

Course of Study

  • Foundations of Teaching the Bible: This class will cover the overall story of the Bible and develop a Christ-centered biblical theology of preaching and teaching. It will also argue that preaching and teaching is the best form of public instruction in the church gathering.
  • Preparation of Teaching the Bible: This class will cover the basic elements of preaching and teaching, including structure, reasoning, the big idea, outlining and arranging, the proposition and main points, division and development. It will also develop the redemptive and Gospel-centered approach, applying it to various genres of the Bible.
  • Practice of Teaching the Bible: This class will give students practice in the preparation and delivery of their messages, also discussing, methods of sermon preparation, public speaking skills, and evaluation of teaching in class.