Financial Information

Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors of The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary.

Application Fees

  • Application for Admission Fee (Non-refundable): $25

Student Fees

  • Student Fee – Seminary (Quarterly): $100
  • Student Fee – College (Quarterly): $30
  • Three Payment Plan Fee (Quarterly): $35
  • Late Payment Fee: $25

Seminary Tuition

  • Full-Time Credit Hour (12 units or more): $190
  • Part-Time Credit Hour (11 units or less): $235
  • Winter/Summer Elective Credit Hour: $190

College Tuition

  • Part-Time Credit: $150
  • Audit Flat-Rate: $225 per class
  • Summerim/Winterim: $150 per unit, $100.00 audit flat fee

Other Fees and Charges

  • Exalting Christ-Conference Fee: $100
  • Graduation Fee: $150
  • Official Transcript Fee: $5


Within two weeks after enrollment all students are required to own a personal laptop computer (PC or Mac) with approved word processing software. Information and recommendations on approved systems and software programs are available from the staff. TCBS has Wi-Fi internet access available; IP Address and Password can be obtained from Administration.

Payment of Accounts

The first third of the Fall tuition is due by August 1st. All other tuition, fees, and charges are due and payable at registration for each quarter, including Summer Term. Students who are unable to pay their entire quarter charges may elect to use the Three Payment Plan where quarterly tuition and fees may be paid in three equal installments. A $35 fee is assessed for this service. Exact payment due dates are listed on the Payment Plan Form on the reverse side of the Registration Form.

Students whose installments are more than 10 days late on the Three Payment Plan may be immediately suspended from classes, receive an “F” for those classes, and forfeit the opportunity to enroll in courses for the subsequent term or participate in graduation unless payment is made in full. Transcripts and diplomas may also be withheld. If financial difficulties arise, and a student foresees a problem paying tuition on time, he should immediately discuss the matter with the Registrar and appropriate arrangements will be made.

Students are responsible for paying their own tuition and fees. If students receive financial aid from their churches, or other individuals or organizations, students must make appropriate arrangements with them to insure payments are made on time. The Administration will notify students when payments are due or late. Students with an outstanding balance must have authorization from the Assistant Deans to begin new classes.

Tuition Refund Policy

A student who chooses to withdraw from one or more classes, for which they have registered, whether or not they have attended, must officially withdraw by completing the proper forms in the Administration Office. Failure to officially withdraw will result in a W, WP, or WF, on the student’s transcripts, as appropriate. If a student does not officially withdraw, he is not entitled to any refund.

Refunds of tuition are based upon the week the official withdrawal form is signed by the Administration Office, not on the time the student ceases to attend the class(es). Summer Greek course is under this refund plan.

Week of Withdrawal

1: 100% Refund
2: 80% Refund
3-4: 50% Refund
5-6: 25% Refund
7+: None

Summer Elective Refunds

100% refund if dropped prior to or during the first two days of class. There is no refund if dropped or changed to audit after the second day of class. The date used to establish the amount of refund will be the date the withdrawal form is signed by the office of the Registrar. Financial Assistance: The Cornerstone Seminary seeks to keep the cost of tuition as low as possible. Occasionally, financial assistance may become available. Students who need financial assistance to meet tuition costs are encouraged to discuss their needs with the Registrar.