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  • An Interview With Current Student, Austin Thompson

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    February 22, 2021

    How has TCBS prepared you for pastoral and church ministry?
    TCBS has revolutionized my pastoral and church ministry. It has provided me countless tools necessary to better shepherd the flock that the Lord has entrusted to me.

    In what ways did you benefit from the pastor-professor model of theological education?
    The pastor-professor model has been the greatest element of my theological education. While the Bible is sufficient for every ministerial task, a theological education, sound exegesis, and orthodox reading material does not guarantee a minister’s preparedness to handle the various trials and challenges that arise in the church. 

    TCBS is blessed to have pastor-professors that bring years of personal experience navigating the unique circumstances of their local congregation. Their testimony to the faithfulness of God in honoring the principles of His word and providing an abundance of wisdom for the shepherding task has been the greatest benefit and encouragement for ministry.

    Why would you recommend TCBS to those preparing for pastoral ministry?
    I believe the best way to prepare for any great task is to learn from a qualified teacher. It is my personal opinion that an individual who desires to serve the Lord as a pastor in the local church will benefit most from a seminary education taught by men who have served or are currently serving Christ in that capacity. The commitment to a pastor-professor model makes TCBS a unique training ground for the future shepherds of Christ’s church.

    What makes TCBS unique?
    In addition to the pastor-professor model, a unique feature of the seminary is that the majority of students are connected with a local fellowship and are serving in some capacity while they attend.